$75 million in change. Since 1985, members have generated $75 million for nonprofit groups simply by using our services.

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Dollars Making Change in 2010

Last year, CREDO members helped raise $2,780,439 for groups working to change the world. Here's how members voted to distribute the donations.


$31,460Alliance for Justice
$45,827Center for Constitutional Rights
$49,289Courage Campaign
$33,364Disability Rights Advocates
$37,518Drug Policy Alliance
$61,579Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network
$37,345Medical Students for Choice
$137,050Planned Parenthood
$32,672Women's Voices. Women Vote


$57,597Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
$29,902Campaign for America's Future
$29,036Center for Responsible Lending
$28,517Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
$93,776Democracy Now!
$37,172Ms. Foundation for Women
$42,365National Center for Science Education
$74,388Physicians for a National Health Program
$27,306Ruckus Society
$36,825United for a Fair Economy


$52,958Energy Action Coalition
$55,727Environmental Working Group
$73,730Friends of the Earth
$50,015International Rivers
$105,752Ocean Conservancy
$82,903Organic Farming Research Foundation
$86,539Rainforest Action Network


$92,910Amnesty International
$40,634Center for Victims of Torture
$159,034Doctors Without Borders
$31,460Equality Now
$61,926Global Fund for Women
$28,863New Israel Fund
$25,056Pathfinder International
$40,115Ploughshares Fund
$31,113Women's Action for New Directions Education Fund


$49,808American Independent News Network
$40,115Change Congress
$32,498Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
$50,674Democracia U.S.A.
$53,963League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
$53,444Media Matters for America
$40,461Mother Jones Investigative Fund
$31,979New Organizing Institute
$32,326Progressive Congress
TOTAL DONATIONS: $2,780,439. The total also includes tree-planting donations, bill round-ups and miscellaneous contributions.